Circular Economy

It is an economic and social concept whose objective is the production of products and services “closing the life cycle” of goods, waste, materials, water and energy to reduce waste production and use waste as a resource.



Eco-conception: Product design and analysis to be sustainable.

Responsible design and redesign of products and all the processes inside the product life cycle.

Products designed to be 100% recyclable

Materials that improve product durability and resistance.

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Weight, shapes and product measures that optimize efficient transport.
All plastic pieces are marked according to their type of plastic: easy classification for a later recycling.


  • Research in the application of recycled materials of other products.
  • Research to apply new treatments to products that will help to reduce air pollution.
Resource efficiency

Actions designed and implemented to reduce energy consume and minimize waste generation.

Lower environmental impact and efficient use of resources.

Solid integrated management system that fulfills environmental and legal aspects according to our Commitment with Quality and with the Environment (ISO 9001 – 14001 Certifications).
Eco-actions that reduce our environmental impact:

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  • Responsible investment: last generation machinery and vehicles that maximize energy efficacy and reduce emissions.
  • Sustainable freight transport: load optimization, reduction in cost and emissions.
  • Adequate management of industrial waste: reuse of materials as packaging, and control of waste to recycle.
  • Efficient use of water. We reuse water with a closed and controlled circuit. We channel rainwater facilitating water cycle.
Resistance and durability

Durability and resistance. Stadium seats are products that have a long useful life, of several years.

  • Our stadium seats and other complementary products have a long useful life in the sports venues where they are installed.
  • Products certificated in resistance to severe public use according to international norms.
  • Materials that are protected against UV effects and other atmospheric agents.
  • Their cleaning and maintenance is free from chemical products. Only water or compressed air is enough to clean their surfaces.
100% recyclable

Our stadium seats are 100% recyclable. The materials used are able to be re-used again to manufacture other plastic products.

  • They are products that are very easy to collect to recycle, as all their pieces are easy to identify and classify.
  • Waste management during the removal of old stadium seats.
  • Life cycle of raw materials follows a safe and Circular Circuit of production – use – recycling – reprocessing into other useful products.
  • We recycle and reuse plastic from our own production process. We reuse production waste in the manufacture of other plastic pieces (plastic boxes).
Daplast Certifications
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Stadium seats manufactured with solar power.
Stadium seats manufactured with solar power.
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Sustainable stadium seats – We have reduced our carbon footprint by 24.49%
Sustainable stadium seats – We have reduced our carbon footprint by 24.49%
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Recycled plastic stadium seating
Recycled plastic stadium seating
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