At Daplast we develop seating and grandstand projects for sports facilities. We offer comprehensive and specialized solutions, meeting both legal requirements and the client’s particular requirements. 

Our quality and environmental policy includes commitments to: 

The people who make up the organization. We are the ones who promote the continuous improvement of the management system. We form a team of people with enthusiasm, motivation and a sense of belonging to a company. We take care of our work environment because we care about safety, organization, order and cleanliness at work. We work on our professional and personal development practicing conciliatory labor policies. We invest in knowledge and training. We believe in our personal capacities and abilities, in their use and in the service of the team. We align strategy and objectives promoting participation in achieving them. We believe that personal satisfaction is essential to achieve satisfied customers, and that personal quality is the basis of a highly effective management system.

 Quality and specialization. They provide added value that sets us apart and makes them unique in our sector. We have an extensive business history in which innovation has never been missed. We continually develop and improve our product range. On our way to excellence we are achieving challenges that make us proud and we have solved difficulties with which we have learned. These push us to reinvent ourselves and be better every day. We have a solid integrated management system according to ISO 9001/14001 standards and we are committed to continually improving it.

Social responsibility. We continually work by goals that guarantee our commitment to society, understanding it as an environment in which we give and receive. We work in the knowledge and respect of the current legal framework. We believe it essential to interact in this changing and global environment, and improve coexistence in it. We are transparent. We take care of the authenticity in our internal relations and also in the external ones, with suppliers, clients and partners. We aim to inspire confidence in all of them, serving them with formality, speed and solvency.

Sustainable development. We collaborate with clients, suppliers and public administration to maintain our commitment to the environment. We measure our environmental impact and establish guidelines for action to reduce it and be consistent, including:

·         Recycling and reuse of plastic from the production process. We reuse production waste.

·         Proper management of industrial waste. We ensure compliance with current legislation on this matter and are committed to its control and / or minimization.

·         Efficient use of water. We reuse water with a closed and controlled circuit. We channel rainwater facilitating the water cycle.

·         Responsible design of products and processes that includes the product life cycle.

·         Use of less polluting machinery and vehicles. We consciously work on improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions.


Specialists in turnkey projects

We design products and customized technical solutions to each sports facility. The knowledge acquired through experience is our guarantee.

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