Ergonomics, aesthetics, innovation. We search for the best technical solutions for each project, we collaborate with our clients from development phase until the moment that the stadium seats have been installed. Combining practical elements with innovation, our products are designed to serve their primary objective: ensuring both satisfaction and comfort for the spectators.

In 2016, our Avatar seat model won the Red Dot Design. This award is given exclusively to products that stand out from comparable entries due to their good design or innovative character.

This distinction confirms the importance of design and innovation at Daplast new products, and above all, our commitment to meet the requirements of each client project.

Avatar seating wins the Red Dot Award 2016
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Quality is one of the most important drivers in our activities. Consequently, we have set up internal systems to govern the basic norms and requirements. For our ISO 9001-2008 certification, we are able to count on a Quality Control Department that has considerable resources and works with the objective of assuring compliance to the highest standards. All suppliers of raw materials work according to ISO 9001-2008 Quality Norms.

Besides our own testing procedures, our products are tested in the first-class independent laboratories of such renowned institutions as AIDIMA. Our products are also officially approved by such relevant institutions as the Spanish Professional Football Organisations and FIBA, and they also fulfil EU norms and UEFA/FIFA recommendations.

As an active member of such professional associations as IAKS, AFYDAD and Committees for Standardization such as AENOR, we make our contribution to the continuous improvement of sport and spectacles.

Our management system integrates quality and environment requirements. We count with the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.


Specialists in turnkey projects

We design products and customized technical solutions to each sports facility. The knowledge acquired through experience is our guarantee.

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