Its lumbar support provides an ergonomic profile to improve spectators’ comfort.

Seat molded by injection in stabilized high quality copolymer polypropylene. Shiny surface.

A central anchoring point, reinforced with a steel plate, fix the seat to the grandstand.

Ease of maintenance: Seats without gaps to prevent dirt from accumulating inside, and therefore facilitating the cleaning of the sports venue. With central drainage.

Installation options: we recommend installing the seat at approx. 45 cm height from floor level to achieve the maximum comfortability for spectators.

– Directly on step, in case that the grandstand dimensions allow this option (for example, a standard grandstand profile of 85 /40 cm).
– A2 seats + metallic brackets to place the spectators in a correct height from floor level.


Adhesive numbering.

Suitable to install at:

• HC72/25 bleacher
• TM85/40 bleacher