For medium-high range VIP boxes with a minimum space.

Seat and backrest formed by metallic frame coated with polyurethane foam (several density and hardness levels), covered with upholstery Trevira CS with integral Fire Barrier (M2 or M1) or synthetic leather resistant to exposure to the elements.

Armrest made of first-quality Zamak aluminium supports and ABS plastic casing resulting in a precise working group. Installed on metallic benches covered by electrostatic paint.

Main characteristics:

• Armchair with steel structure.
• Fully upholstered seat.
• Abatement seat: Automatic.
• Fully upholstered sides.
• Polyurethane armrests.
• Blocks of selfextinguishing polyurethane foam.
• Removable upholstery.
• Upholstered final row.
• Fixing: two feet.


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