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Sittem Premium

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Premium version of Sittem stadium seats line. With padding on the back and seat that increase the comfort of the spectator. Recommended for preference areas and VIP areas in high-level sports facilities.

Due to its design and comfort, SITTEM tip-up seats line is recommended for high-level sports facilities. With balanced design lines, SITTEM seats guarantee comfort and freedom of movement thanks to their large dimensions that optimize the personal space of each spectator.

SITTEM stadium seats are a safe bet due to its aesthetics and comfort that will be in line with any type of construction design. It is homologated by FIBA, and certified in resistance by the IBV institute, complying with the maximum level of resistance required by the European standard UNE-EN 13200.

SITTEM Premium stadium seat, recommended for VIP and preferences areas, allows a very wide range of configurations (depending on the space available in the row). The different seat finishes and its accessories increase the customization options in the grandstand.

Level 4 – Severe public use (highest level according to UNE-EN 13200 regulation).

Recommended for:

  • Football stadiums
  • Arenas and Sports Pavilions
  • Auditoriums and leisure venues.

Sittem line

SITTEM Basic model is recommended for general public grandstand while SITTEM Premium model increases its comfort with padding on both the back and the seat, so it is oriented to preferred and VIP areas. Both models can be completed in turn with cup holders and with armrests that are fixed on a rail, allowing multiple combinations.


Outdoor or indoor areas, colours to choose according to project.

Sittem Premium stadium seats – Technical description

Seat and back blocks manufactured by blow moulding in copolymer polypropylene and UV stabilizing additives. Abatement structures manufactured by injection moulding in polyamide reinforced with fiberglass. The seat folds down thanks to the action of two springs.

Sittem mechanical resistance is tested according to UNE-EN 12727. Protection against UV light according to the UNE-EN 13200-4 standard. Flame retardant on demand.

Fixing system

Multiple configurations options that adapt to any grandstands’ geometry. Metallic brackets can be floor or mounted fixed to concrete step by 3 anchor points and rails to set benches up to 4 seats. The rail section dimensions are 60×40 mm. The whole set is made of steel.


  • Numbering plate.
  • Cup holder: Fixed to the armrest.
  • Fixed armrest: Fixed to the rail. Optional: armrest with fully closed sides.
  • Folding armrest: Use for telescopic stands. The armrest is mounted on a chassis made of steel and fixed to the rail. It complies with mechanical resistance according to the European standard UNE-EN 12727.

Further details in Sittem Accessories page.

UNE EN 13200/4. «Spectator facilities - Part 4: Seats - Product characteristics»
UNE EN 12727 «Lined seats, trial methods and resistance and durability requirements for severe public use» - tested by IBV Institute
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