El Sadar Stadium – first Spanish FC to complete an animation stand with rail seats

El Sadar Stadium – first Spanish FC to complete an animation stand with rail seats

Football clubs offer different areas for their fans because there are many ways to experience sport and enjoy football: animation stands, preference, VIP areas, business areas, etc.

The most common is to find different types of stadium seats in each area. The models are not determined only by the angle of inclination of the grandstand – an essential factor to bear in mind – but they also have to be adapted to each way of living and enyoing football matches in the stadium.

Club Atlético Osasuna has a clear goal, its reform goes beyond the refurbishment of a sports venue, seeks to be a football temple in which every match is enjoyed to the maximum and also wants to expand this experience to the rest of the venue, both fans, press staff, players, technical staff and management staff.

At its grandstands this philosophy is reflected in the diversity of stadium seating models that have been installed, from the Fansit model installed in the South stand to the Avatar seats for the general grandstands. Nothing has in common a standing animation rail seat with an ergonomic folding seat, which also has armrests and cushioning in its Premium version.

Fansit model corresponds to the current Safe Standing movement, as it has been called from the United Kingdom. Fans in the animation stands, usually located at South or North stand of the stadiums, claim to be able to enjoy football matches standing up, while always respecting the security measures that were implemented in the early 1990s.

Rail seats respond to this need, being the solution to make standing capacity more flexible, with all the safety measures guaranteed by handrails throughout the rows.

El Sadar Stadium - FANSIT
El Sadar Stadium  – FANSIT rail seats  –  picture of refurbishment works. 

El Sadar Stadium has been the first Spanish Premier League Club to complete a full animation stand with rail seats.

Fansit stadium seat for animation stands is made in metal. It has a master key with which the Club can close or open the seat – in European competitions it is still required that all seats remain seated – and it is designed with an upper bar that is anchored to the stands, forming a strong safety barrier and a stable set with the entire row of seats.

All the stadium seats are numbered, the standing capacity is determined by the number of places available, and most importantly, there is no risk of avalanche because the rows are separated from each other by the security bars. With these characteristics, the safety requirements are met and there are many clubs at European leagues that are already installing safe standing areas.

Another type of seat installed at El Sadar Stadium corresponds to Avatar seating, which provides other benefits for fans who still prefer to be seated during football matches. Avatar seating range offers comfort and design. In addition, the minimum space that Avatar occupies once folded optimizes the space between rows, and allows to celebrate a goal with free space to get up and cheering up your team.

Avatar seats at El Sadar stadium

Avatar seating  –  picture of refurbishment works. 



Avatar Basic: 21.145 units.

Avatar Premium: 1.389 units.

Fansit: 1.272 units.