Bleachers and Grandstands


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Dismountable metallic bleacher very easy to install and dismount, either for outside or inside venues. Installation can be fixed or temporarily. With an estimated audience density: 3 people/m2.

Very easy to assemble and dismount in a short period, without screws. The dismounted bleacher occupies a reduce storage space, thanks to its stackable metal pieces.

With a base at the pillars with adjustable height, in order to compensate differences in floor level of up to 200 mm.

Modular design

• Row depth: 72 cm
• Row height: 25 cm
• Seat modules: 5 seating places each row (2,25 meters long).
• Stairs modules: 2 places at final row (1,25 meters long).
• Modules allow multiple designs without size limit. We recommend this one for large audiences (2 seat modules – stair module – 4 seat modules – stair module -….- – 4 seat modules – stair module – 2 seat modules), and for small audiences (2 m – e – 2 m) or equivalent.

Rows height:

• 2 rows.
• Available for 3 and multiple of 3 rows (up to 15 rows).
Please contact us for details regarding alternative options. Depending on the project, we can combine 2-row and 3-row structures up to 15 rows high. 

Metallic structure

• Made of steel profiles cold laminated, with hot galvanised treatment to avoid corrosion.
• Formed by frame, pillars and trusses that fit together and can only be installed in the right way.

Row and stairs platforms

• Formed by polypropylene tiles embedded in metallic frames.
• Anti-slippery surface with slots that guarantees the rapid drainage of liquids, easy cleaning.


• CR2 stadium seats, with 28 cm of backrest.
• CR5 stadium seats, with 34,5 cm of backrest. CR5 seat improves the available step space for spectators.
• High resistant against UV effects according to European regulation EN 13200/4.
• Both seats models are very resistant against severe public use. More details about these seat models are available at Seats section in this web.

Construction options:

• HC72/25 bleacher structure can be elevated up to 1.1 meters height, with frontal safety handrails and an additional front step.
• This bleacher can increase its seating capacity placing an additional row of seats before the first row.
• Other options available according to each project.

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