Stadium seats manufactured with solar power.

Stadium seats manufactured with solar power.

In order to make stadium seating manufacturing more sustainable, we have invested in photovoltaic solar energy, generating a large part of the electricity used to produce our stadium seats. Energy savings are considerable.

Our factory’s location in Cordoba, in the south of Spain, is an advantage for this kind of sustainable energy, as we enjoy an average of 3,100 hours of sunshine per year. We have installed photovoltaic panels on the rooftop space of our production plant, with capacity to generate up to 121 kwp.

And these are the CO2 emission reductions:

Photovoltaic panels started operating at full capacity at the end of August 2022. From that time until 31 December, we have obtained these emissions reduction values:

Significant CO2 savings in just 4 months – Stadium seats manufactured with solar power:

Thanks to photovoltaic solar energy production, we have reduced 53,014 kg of CO2 emissions. Express in kg carbon, we have saved 21,482 kg of carbon by reducing our demand on the national electrical grid. Using the absorption rate of trees, we would have needed 2,895 trees to offset CO2 emissions.


In 2022, a significant reduction in our carbon footprint was achieved once more.

Our carbon footprint reduction is the result of our commitment to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

We will publish our carbon footprint reduction percentages when we obtain the official data from the Spanish Government’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge in our Calculo-Reduzco 2022 label.

In this post you can learn about other actions we have carried out to reduce our carbon footprint since 2015:


Getting closer: circular economy as a sustainable production model.

Thanks to solar energy production we estimate a drastic carbon footprint reduction (CO2 emissions) during 2023. We already manufacture a high percentage of our stadium seats from solar photovoltaic energy.

Daplast keeps working towards a sustainable future for all.