Avatar Premium


Avatar seat in Premium version, optionally incorporates armrests, upholstery, coasters and other accessories for preference areas.

Folding seat for first class sports facilities. Modern and elegant design that gives sober lines to the grandstand, allows to change the distribution of seats and quickly obtain multiple configurations. The seat tips with smooth movement of return, avoiding any injuries from bumps or falls.

It combines the features of the Avatar Basic seat with these accessories:

– Integrated armrest: Allows a relaxed support on them without being a physical barrier after the seat is closed. Integrated in the backrest. Made of high strength polyamide and reinforced in fiberglass.
– Coasters: Made in high resistance polyamide and reinforced in fiberglass. Independent piece, to be fixed on the rail.
– Upholstery in backrest and seat: highly resistant to atmospheric agents.


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