Recycled plastic stadium seating

Recycled plastic stadium seating

Green solution: Avatar stadium seats made from recycled plastic

We have developed an environmentally friendly solution to produce recycled plastic stadium seating. Their greatest advantage is that we can manufacture them with a high percentage of recycled material, recovered from different types of plastic materials discarded after its use.

Sports venues with stadium seats made from recycled plastic increase its value as green building. It is a very interesting option in those stadium or pavilion projects that aim to be certified as a sustainable building, for example, with LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Through this diagram we show the main advantages of the manufacturing cycle of recycled plastic seats. Our goal is to recover and reuse plastic resources, while reducing CO2 emissions:

Recycled plastic stadium seating
Recycled plastic stadium seating

Recycled plastic stadium seating → Sustainable stadiums

This green solution presented by Daplast represents the highest percentage of recovered material included in a new stadium seat, guaranteeing as well that it fulfills resistance and durability regulations, which are quality standards for Daplast Seating’s stadium and arena seats for sports facilities.

  • Up to 55% of the seat is made from recycled materials. It is the highest percentage achieved for stadium and arena seating in the current market.
  • Each seat removes more than 2.75 kg of used plastic from the environment, which would otherwise be left in landfills.
  • Strength and durability: all our stadium seats comply with European regulations and the quality standards adopted by FIFA.
  • With the advantages of chemical recycling:
    • We recover different types of plastics, even with remains of other materials (food, etc.), that in case of mechanical recycling would not be recoverable.
    • This recycling system saves more CO2 emissions compared to mechanical recycling.
  • Colours: Seats are available in all the colours of our standard catalogue. We can also customize them according to the RAL colours chosen by the client.
  • Certificates: our suppliers certify the origin of recycled materials. Furthermore our clients are able to certify that their seats are made from recycled plastic, this is an advantage to obtain LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

This green seating solution for stadiums is available for Avatar line (BASIC, COMPACT, PREMIUM) in projects that require it.

We are specialists in “turnkey” sports venue projects management. We study each project with the aim of finding the best technical solution, applying it according to the client’s requirements and current regulations.

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More sustainable stadium seating.

Our proposal in recycled stadium seats is the result of several years of Research and Development in this line, which we also continue to study with other options and other materials.

We know that our future depends on the efficient and sustainable solutions that we can apply today. We continue the research in this line to improve our products and our processes with the aim to be even more respectful towards environment.

All our plastic stadium seats are 100% recyclable, and their recycling is obligatory once they are removed from the grandstands. Which means that they could hardly be disposed of in the environment.

Daplast has been measuring its CO2 emissions and its energy and water consumption for several years. Now we are registering our measurements in the Carbon Footprint registry promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition of the Government of Spain. Our commitment is in line with its slogan: I calculate, I reduce, I compensate.

In our Circular Economy web section, we explain how we reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions in each process, this production system being our commitment and our responsibility for the future.