SITTEM – new line of seats for top-level stadiums

SITTEM – new line of seats for top-level stadiums

The Daplast design team, under our Daplast Seating seating brand, has developed an innovative new line of seats for both top-level stadiums and other kinds of sports venues.

This now enables us to offer a ‘one stop shop’ complete solution for all areas of the stadium, including general stands, preferred areas, and VIP boxes.

Thanks to its design and comfort, the SITTEM tip-up seats line is recommended for high-level sports facilities. With sleek and balanced design lines, SITTEM seats guarantee comfort and freedom of movement thanks to their large dimensions that optimise the personal space of each spectator.

Based on feedback from leading stadium architects and contractors, the seats and its accessories are fixed on a rail that allows a very wide range of configurations (depending on the space available in the row). The different seat finishes and accessories increase the available customisation options in the grandstand.

This June, Daplast premieres the first versions of the SITTEM line – the BASIC and PREMIUM models.

The SITTEM Basic model is recommended for general public grandstands, whilst the  SITTEM Premium model maximises spectator comfort with padding on both the back and the seat, making it the perfect choice for both preferred and VIP areas.

Both models can be configured to include cup holders and armrests that are fixed on a rail, allowing multiple combinations.

sittem premium stadium seats
Sittem Premium Stadium Seats

Stadium seating for sports facilities.

Designed to be installed quickly, whatever the venue design and construction parameters, SITTEM seats are a safe bet due to their incredible aesthetics and comfort. The seats are FIBA approved, and certified in resistance by the IBV institute, complying with the maximum level of resistance required by the European standard UNE-EN 13200.

We have already prepared two more versions to complete this line, which it will launch in the early autumn. With the SITTEM line, offered under our Daplast Seating product brand, Daplast significantly increases its extensive range of stadium seats for sports facilities.

SITTEM accessories.

We complete the SITTEM line with different accessories that allow customizing the seating areas according to their characteristics. Thus, fixed armrests are available in 2 versions, one basic and the other with closed and upholstered sides, offering a Premium finish to the whole. The two types of armrests are fixed to the same rail that they share with the SITTEM seats.

Another option available is the cup holders that are fixed to the armrests to optimize space. 

Another novelty in our offer are the folding armrests, which are fixed to the same rail, and which allow their installation on telescopic stands. They will also be a very practical solution in areas or rows where it is necessary to maximize the available row width, such as in press areas. 

The numbering space is designed so that the plate is inserted into the backrest hole without presenting any type of edge towards the outside, offering a smooth and compact surface. 

Finally, SITTEM accessories are designed to be compatible with the AVATAR line of seats. The different armrests and cup holders can be installed on the rail of the Avatar seats, and both lines of seats could even be combined in the same sports venue.

Apoyabrazos abatible

Sittem folding armrest.

Specialization and Experience in stadium seating design.

With successful sports venue projects from the early 1980’s onwards, we have a long standing proven track record in the design, manufacture and installation of both stadium seating and dismountable metallic bleachers for multi-purpose sports facilities.

Located in Córdoba, southern Spain, we control all phases of the project (design, production, engineering, assembly), enabling us to respond immediately to any client requirements.

In addition, we can manage the most demanding deadlines in both manufacturing or installation.

Daplast stadium seats can be found in almost all the stadiums of the first and second Spanish football divisions including signature projects such as Reale Arena (Anoeta) Stadium home of Real Sociedad, in San Sebastián; El Sadar Stadium, home of CA Osasuna, in Pamplona, Benito Villamarín Stadium, home of Real Betis Balompié, and the famous Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, of Real Madrid CF, and also Camp Nou Stadium, of FC Barcelona.

High profile international projects include Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris – with its Avatar seating line – Luxembourg Stadium, Saint Symphorien Stadium, in Metz, France; Amsterdam Olympic Stadium; Stade Chanzy in Angoulême, France; 5 July 1962 Stadium in Argel; Stayen Stadion in Belgium, MTK Stadium in Hungary, plus many more.