Bleachers and Grandstands


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Dismountable metallic bleacher, recommended for fixed facilities, either outdoor or indoor. It is an economic alternative to a concrete bleacher. Option of supplying with wooden panels at risers and sides for an optimal and safe enclosure.


• Row depth: 85 cm
• Row height: 40 cm
• Seat modules: 5 seating places each row (2,51 meters long).
• Seat modules with stairs: 2 places each row (stairs: 1,50 meters long) + 5 seats at final row. (Total module: 2,51 meters long).
• Possibility of alternating each type of module, always keeping the correct distribution in number of spectators between stairs for a safe public evacuation.

Rows height:

• Available for 2, 3, 4 or 5 rows.
• Other options, please consult.

Seat options:

• Suitable for any shell seat.
• Allows installing different models of seat on the same bleacher. Very recommended to highlight a VIP area.

Row and stairs platforms: 12 mm thick board. 100% birch plywood with phenolic film slip, weatherproof material. Finish in black or dark brown color according to each project.

Grandstand enclosure (this setting is optional): With phenolic board, weather resistant, at sides and risers. Recommended to complete the aesthetic and security of the bleacher.

Important: the floor should not have level variations in order that modules can be fixed together (less than 2% level variation)

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